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About Us

WE ARE A TRUSTFUL PARTNER, our first preoccupation being quality and stability, by stressing our clients` satisfaction.

WE ARE A TRUSTFUL PARTNER, our first preoccupation being quality and stability by stressing our clients` satisfaction.

NEXT ENERGY DISTRIBUTION LTD entered the natural gas market in Romania, knowing that proficiency, quality and professionalism are the only paths to success, and only this way it will succeed to become one of the important natural gas dealers in Romania. These facts lead us to a consistent portfolio of clients from several activity domains like: chemical industry, food industry, heavy industry, a.s.o. The names of these clients being protected by our confidentiality policy.

NEXT ENERGY DISTRIBUTION is a company, as credible as important companies on the market nowadays, that enjoy the notoriety assigned and assured by their long-term functioning on the occidental market. And we are as credible as any other dealing company on the Romanian market.

Our company offers, along its services and dealing of natural gas, real and close to consultancy services as well as services of management for the natural gas consumption.

We address and work with eligible clients with whom we sign contracts negotiated within legal conditions and respecting the principles imposed by the authorities on the open market of concurrence by the liberalization of services of dealing natural gas.

The activities and the relationship with our clients, that we had up to no, consecrated the company as partner that respects its contracts and assignments, by offering seriousness, proficiency and respect towards the client.

The mission that NEXT ENERGY DISTRIBUTION ha, is to satisfy the most drastic demands of our clients and to offer alternative to a change within the market of natural gas dealing in the context of a dynamic setting, more and more competitive.

Our company comes towards you with an offer/ proposal of collaboration:

- CORRECT and TRANSPARENT, in which the cost regarding the natural gas dealing takes into account the real price of acquisition on the intern and import market;

- FLEXIBLE, regarding our commission and the possibilities of payment regarding the terms and deadlines for payment, tools of payment, a.s.o.;

-DIVERSIFIED, along with the offer of natural gas we also provide services of checking and maintaining of the installations of natural gas

We are preoccupied by satisfying the needs of natural gas of our clients within maximum safety conditions and optimal parameters and, also by the quality of the services and competitive prices.

COMPETITIVE PRICES: we will regularly check the prices on the market, so you can be sure to beneficiate from the most advantageous offers and prices, which can help you make a more precise profit which opens the path to a more consistent saving when paying for natural gas.

FLEXIBILITY: by choosing our company you will find out that you can concentrate more on your own business and leave the concerns regarding the gas to us .The flexibility of our prices will bring you each month the best price possible.

AVOIDING REGLEMENTED / ADVISED PRICES: our prices are calculated on the basis of a formula and are conceived to help paying the best possible price. The changing regarding the prices will not produce any countable matter regarding the accountant link or the balance concerning the budget, but, on the contrary, it will be interesting by observing that you can actually pay below the reglemented / imposed price. The price for each month is not arbitrary, but it is the result of precise calculations in which we order variables that are independent from our or your business and, as we cannot overpass the reglemented price, anyway, you will save when paying the natural gas bill.