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Other Services

We provide a broad line of petrol / oil products in accordance to the highest standards f quality and safety for discharging, respecting the demands of the surrounding.

On demand, we can provide the following services:


Diesel oil Euro5 (EN 590+A1/10mg/kg)
motorina• Reduces pollution due to the reduced level of poly-aromatic hydrocarbons.

• Low level of sulfur.

• Respects the norms of emission of Euro5.

• Assures a raising performance of the engine and an efficient combustion.

• Offers protection against the ageing of the engine, against corrosion and deposits on the injection.



Diesel oil Arctic:

arctic diesel• Specific Diesel oil for Diesel engines, in accordance to the emission norms Euro5.

• Perfect to be used during all seasons, especially cold season, due to the high point of filtration.

• Low level of sulfur.

• No biofuels (FAME)




Gasoline / Petrol:

benzina• Gasoline without lead, for engines with spark ignition.

• Low level of sulfur protects the engine.

• Respects the norms Euro5 through a low level of gas emissions with greenhouse effect.



ctl fuel



Liquid Thermal Oil:
• Oil used for heating equipments made especially for this type of oil.






pacuraHeating Oil EL (max 10/0 sulfur) :

• Liquid oil for heating.

• Used for heating engines and burning installations of generating steam engines for energy.





• Obtained through distillation of oil, the bitumen is a used material, mainly, within the domain of building of roads and hydro isolation systems.